Services Provided

Therapy In General:  Everyone can occasionally use the help of an outside perspective on their struggles.  At JRK Services LLC, I work to help people with any of their emotional and/or psychological issues.  If you’re looking for help in greater Dayton area, please contact JRK Services LLC to see if I could help.

Is Therapy A Good Fit For Me?

People decide to try therapy for a variety of reasons, including gaining more insight and perspective on their problems, to find relief from unpleasant feelings, and to make changes in their lives and their behaviors. Sometimes people decide to attempt therapy due to unexpected changes in their life, such as the end of a relationship, a job transition, or a traumatic experience. Some people come to seek their own personal growth.

Progress and change can and does happen through psychotherapy. A majority of Americans surveyed by Consumer Reports have said that therapy has provided relief from discomfort and distress. It’s also been found that those who stayed in therapy the longest reported the most satisfaction.

It takes courage and insight for someone to decide to seek help or even admit that there is a problem. When you meet with JRK Services LLC, you will find a compassionate, respectful, and understanding environment that strives to help you feel comfortable addressing stress, relationships, and your emotions.

Whether you're dealing with a specific disorder or simply need a sounding board for any problems that you have been struggling with, therapy can help you get moving back towards what you want to be. Many people have said that they felt better after having made the first appointment. If you have questions about whether I’m the right fit for you, or to schedule an intake appointment, call JRK Services LLC today.

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