Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Untreated psychological disorders like PTSD can wreak havoc on individuals’ and families’ lives. If you are struggling with post traumatic stress disorder, ongoing professional treatment is vital. JRK Services LLC offers treatment for a comprehensive range of psychological conditions and disorders, including PTSD.

The Treatment You Need

There are many kinds of trauma that can affect you. Military experiences, accidents, natural disasters, hospital experiences, rape and other criminal attacks are just a few of the more dramatic events that can cause a trauma reaction. But interpersonal events can also lead to a trauma reaction. Events such as childhood or adult sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, a difficult divorce, or witnessing abuse or trauma can lead to the same feelings of confusion, fear, and anger.

If you have been traumatized, fear and anger may be easily triggered by seemingly non-related events. This can cause distress for you and your relationships. Some people use alcohol, drugs, eating, or other addictions to cover the pain and stay in denial.

If you're ready to look at your reactions, call JRK Services LLC at 937 802-4294 to begin healing in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. One of the tools I can use is EMDR to help resolve trauma (See section on EMDR).