When it comes to healing after a traumatic incident, some people struggle with a long and difficult road towards change. At JRK Services LLC, I aim to make the recovery process faster and easier. That's why I offer EMDR therapy to clients.
EMDR is one of the therapies developed in the past 25 years to deal with trauma reactions. I am trained to use this powerful and research proven treatment to help my clients heal. EMDR involves bilateral stimulation (tapping or hearing a tone on alternating sides of your body, or moving your eyes back and forth) to help your brain process trauma more quickly and easily.
A traumatic memory is stored in your brain differently than a "normal" memory. When a trauma has taken place, all the sights, sounds, smells, emotions, body sensations, thoughts, and images are stored together and remain unprocessed. That's why a smell or image or sound can bring up all the scary emotions of the trauma. Bilateral stimulation helps your brain to reprocess the memory so it's not connected to the distress any more.
At JRK Services LLC, I am committed to helping clients with trauma. For more information or to request an appointment, please call today at 937 802-4294.